Session Titles & Schedule


Tuesday, April 3rd, (2:00pm- 6:00pm), Pre-Conference Sessions & Networking
Wednesday, April 4th (9:00am-12:00pm), Pre-Conference Sessions & Networking
Wednesday, April 4th (1:15pm- 7:30pm), Conference Begins // 1st Day Sessions & Networking
Thursday, April 5th (9:00am-7:30pm),  2nd Day Sessions & Networking
Friday, April 6th (9:00am-5:00pm),  3rd Day Sessions & Networking

Session Titles (Partial List)


  1. Social Intrapreneurship Workshop
  2. Mindfulness Meditation
  3. The State of Global Impact
  4. Alliance Building & Networking
  5. Impact Investing- Experential Due Diligence
  6. Defining Characteristics of the Resilience Enterprise
  7. The Value & Best Practices of Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurs
  8. Social Impact Portfolio for Public Markets
  9. Transforming Global Social Sector Efficiency Through Collective Data Driven Impact Measurement
  10. From Information to Transformation: Rethinking Sustainability Reporting


  • The Sustainable Investment Nexus- Exchanges, Investors & Public Companies
  • Innovative Investment Models For The Underserved
  • Empowering Women Through Investment- Follow the Data
  • Family Offices & Impact – Starting the Journey
  • Latest Innovations in ESG
  • Stakeholder Engagement (Focus on Foundations & Endowments)
  • The Democratization of Purposeful Investing
  • Rising to the Investment-Divestment Challenge
  • Designing & Catalyzing Impact Partnerships (for Non-Profits & Foundations)
  • Dynamic Approaches to Integrating ESG Criteria into Investment Decisionmaking
  • Launching the Impact Fund: Experts Dive Deep
  • Bonds 2.0: Latest Strategies for Social Impact & Green Bonds
  • 100% Impact Portfolios- With Competitive Returns
  • Impact Solutions for Life at the Base of the Pyramid (Emerging Markets)
  • ESG Ratings & Financial Performance- Seeking Alpha
  • Innovative Financial Models for the Global Underserved


  • Leveraging Innovative Storytelling to Scale Your Business Growth & Social Impact
  • Lessons Learned: Managing Sustainability Successfully Within Global Companies
  • Diversity as Value Creator
  • Sustainability and Transformative Technology (Including Big Data): Latest Examples from Fortune 500s
  • Embedding Sustainability Within Your Organization’s DNA
  • Explorations of Conscious & Authentic Leadership
  • Launching the Corporate Sustainability Unit
  • The Future of Business Within an Increasingly Impactful & Sustainable World
  • Using Storytelling to Revolutionize CSR & Sustainability Engagement
  • Supply Chain Rules: Learn from the Masters
  • Your Organization’s Carbon Footprint: Setting & Achieving Emissions Reduction Targets
  • Strategic Branding: Most Recent Trends in LCA Analysis
  • Setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals (and Achieving Them!)
  • Real Examples of Public-Private Partnerships for GOOD
  • Latest Developments with Sustainability Reporting (& Materiality)
  • Women in the Boardroom: Breaking the Ceiling for GOOD


  • Driving Impact & Robust Returns Through Renewables
  • Creative Finance & Investment Models in Clean Tech
  • Latest Development in Global Water
  • PV Technology Meets Roof Technology
  • Water & Investment: What Does the Future Hold?
  • Innovative Finance & Investment Models for Water
  • Understanding Private Equity in Clean Tech Deals
  • Water: Performing Due Diligence & Measuring Company Performance


  • Cities 2030: How We Get There
  • The Internet of Things (IoT): Managing the Planet in a Resource Constrained World
  • 21st Century Urban Transport Models
  • 21st Century Health & Development ???
  • Building Substantial & Collaborative Networks
  • COP21: Next Steps & Commitments
  • Healing America’s Communities- Inspiring Models for Impact
  • Optimizing Environmental, Economic & Social Returns from Management of Waste Materials
  • Enhancing Returns with Environmental Preservation Strategies
  • Exploring the Nexus of Sustainability, Real Estate and Community Development
  • Creating Smart Buildings & Better Living Through Innovation
  • Integrated Reporting as Tool for Long-Term Value Creation for Cities and Corporations
  • Engaging Community: Innovation at the Front Lines
  • Communities & Aging: Leveraging Prime Assets
  • Accessing Capital & Basic Needs for the Underserved


  • Leading Food Systems- Meet the Practitioners
  • The Myriad Benefits of Organics Agricultural Systems
  • Building Substantial & Collaborative Networks
  • Inspiring Generosity Through Authenticity
  • The Psychology of the Buy
  • It All Starts With Design
  • Leveraging Impact: Managing the Human Ecosystem at Work
  • 3.8 Billion Years in the Making- Biomimicry to the Fore
  • Fashion Revolution: Ethical Fashion Takes Center Stage
  • Voting Your Values: What’s Stopping You?
  • Creating the Killer LOHAS Company: Experience Talks
  • Exponential Sustainability: The Payoff To Vegan Living
  • Authenticity: The Marriage of Profits & Mission
  • Profound Leadership Within Complex Organizations



  • The Future of Investment in an Increasing Impactful & Sustainable World
  • Investing Globally for Gender Equity & Returns
  • B Smart: A Deeper Understanding of the Benefits of B Corps & Benefit Corporations
  • Investing in Early Stage Ventures- Learn from Experience
  • Increasing Labor Rights Transparency & Justice (Including Human Trafficking)
  • Fixing the Pipe: Going Mainstream with Impact Investing
  • A View from the Scribes- Movement or Madness?
  • Resolving Sustainability within the Health & Beauty Industry
  • Engaging Millennials- Changing Business for GOOD
  • Empowering Women Through Networks & Alliance Building
  • Meet Rockstar Social Entrepreneurs & Their Stories
  • Investing in Ecosystem Renewal
  • Behavior Change 101: Engaging Employees (and Others) for Positive Impact
  • Integrative Systems Thinking & Innovation
  • Empowering Employees Through Purposeful Work
  • Millennials & Communications: Changing the Game