Allison Wise

Alison Wise, MBA, Interim President, Sol Power Energy, LLC. and Founder, Wise Strategies- is an “energy infrastructure” thought leader, strategist, technologist, and communications expert.  She advises entrepreneurs, investors, and governments regarding clean technology businesses with two decades of knowledge built up in the renewable, sustainability and finance fields.  Alison’s career includes executive roles for NREL and several successful start-ups.  She is a frequent speaker, presenting for important forums throughout the US, Silicon Valley, Europe, and China.

“I worked with Alison on several really innovative energy applications during her tenure at NREL and I unequivocally endorse the insights, ideas and ability to integrate that she brought to the table and converted into real tools. She is “Wise” well beyond her namesake and her innovations are top shelf — visionary, collaborative, integrating new technologies.. with ways that were powerful underneath and simple on the face generating real action by the users. Her thought leadership during this critical time of transition…of our nation’s energy “infrastructure” will help greatly with strategies we test, develop and embrace as we make progress towards a cleaner economy. I expect more great things and trust an important piece of our future to Alison.”  Darrell Beschen, Chief Economist, US Department of Energy