Dan Madden

Dan Madden is a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer with extensive experience, both from the application side and the product manufacturing side. He has been a pioneer in automating and managing all forms of energy including electrical power, steam, air and water starting in 1970 through the present. He has developed numerous intelligent power and energy products that directly impact our lives:
from novel renewable energy applications incorporating solar, wind and fuel cells;
to providing ultra reliable power for safer navigation of commercial flights;
to supplying hardened mission critical equipment in defense of our country;
to deployable, sustainable power and water for third world counties and disaster relief efforts.

He is currently championing the introduction of hydrogen production technologies from renewable resources including biomass, biogas and municipal solid waste. This technology can provide hydrogen more economically than is currently done using less energy and convert problems into solutions. For example, it can take yesterday’s trash and garbage (a problem) and convert it directly in pure, clean hydrogen to power fuel cells and industry (a solution). In doing so, landfill requirements are greatly reduced and at the same time, all carbon content is sequestered (versus releasing it to the atmosphere), resulting in an overall negative carbon footprint.