Karen Alonardo

With experience in key leadership and entrepreneurial positions at Fortune 500 & private start-up companies, Karen has a successful track record with high growth companies including the vision for CSRware. During her time in Silicon Valley tech companies, Karen has engaged in product innovation, developing key partnerships and sales. Her focus is to identify customer challenges & find solutions to solve them.

2006-2009 (during Master's), Karen founded CSRware to pave the way for environmental sustainability compliance software with consulting to identify industry needs. By 2010, CSRware launched its software platform with key customers. In 2013, the CSRware platform introduced the 2nd generation Environmental Sustainability Data Management, Supply Chain Risk Management and Conflict Minerals Management.

CSRware was a founding partner of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) in addressing sustainability and financial metrics key to include in SEC filings. As CEO of CSRware, Karen is instrumental in new business, partnerships, product innovation and bringing continued value to the market. Karen continues to evangelize the need for business to integrate environmental sustainability compliance into the fabric of their operations and that the environmental sustainability movement is critical to business continuity. It's looking at sustainability through a new lens and an evolution in smart business philosophy.

As a tenacious & passionate entrepreneur with an operational background, Karen never stops looking for new cutting edge solutions to enable business to thrive & alleviate pressure on manufacturing with the need to secure key natural resources – a new reality.

To integrate Environmental Science, Information Technology & Business Management into a new business, Karen received her Master’s in Science in Environmental Management (MSEM) from the USF and holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University.