Patricia Neuray

Patricia has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing strategy. She started in marketing working for publishers such as Newsweek and BusinessWeek. Patricia then moved to work in digital marketing and advertising in the 90s just as the Internet boom was starting. She ran enterprise sales for companies like Monster Worldwide, and Yahoo where she was responsible for over $300 million in revenue.

Patricia recently started her own company, RipeDaily Media, with the intention of connecting socially conscious consumers with the brands that want to reach them. Her company helps marketers craft stories and develop strategies that bring their mission driven message to the forefront and help them use that as a competitive differentiator.

They also help marketers showcase that message to an audience that will be the most receptive to a purpose driven company through their RipeDaily Network. They have aggregated the audiences of a select group of digital publishers who educate consumers on green living, organic eating and animal welfare. Their network reaches over 11.2 million consumers per month who are passionate about making a difference and they support companies that have the same values.