Unmesh Seth

Unmesh is a founder of a social enterprise, SoPact ( & co-founder of a non-profit, Ektta ( SoPact is a personal vision grew from 25 years in technology, management, and the social sector. SoPact’s TurboMetrics aims to transform global social sector efficiency through data-driven collective impact measurement.

Unmesh has dedicated many years to passion and purpose for unleashing the potential of the social sector. Unmesh has been a technology advisor to many leading nonprofits in USA and India. Years of experience brought a valuable lesson that the most effective way to accomplish long-term sustainable change is through effective measurement, data-driven transparent results, and communication.

SoPact has been designed with this mission in mind. SoPact is a powerful impact evidence platform for social impact & sustainability. SoPact has been designed as an innovative and transformative solution for scaling social sector businesses, foundations, investments, and thus, supporting our beneficiaries.

Looking forward to seeing you in May.