Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller, born and raised in Philadelphia, began his career as a research assistant in neuropharmacology at Smith, Kline & French Labs.  Miller then left Philadelphia to attend the University of Oregon where he went on to receive his B.S. in Natural Sciences. After graduation, he left science research and began his career in finance, establishing his own SEC registered investment advisory firm in California. After the corporate scandals of the early 2000’s Miller was inspired to action and shifted his focus to institutional consulting.  He authored an ERISA Fiduciary Governance training program that was endorsed by Financial Executives International (FEI).

In June of 2015 Miller finished an assignment in which Nura Health served as a technical advisor to the USAF Medical Service on the topic of Integrative Medicine.  In Q3 2016 Nura Health, in a competitive bidding process, was awarded a Multi-Million dollar grant from the Department of Defense. Miller, as the technical lead on the USAF research project, is creating the analytical framework for documenting the application of systems thinking to clinical medicine.

With credentials and experience in multiple disciplines, Miller created Nura Health to focus on the task of rationalizing the finance function in healthcare.  Having spent 20,000+ hours examining the healthcare ecosystem, he saw the opportunity to apply an Economic Value Added (EVA) lens to healthcare capital on behalf of large, self-funded employers.  The Nura Health platform was designed to identify, validate and commercialize a systems (holistic) approach to clinical medicine.  Along the way, Miller has gained the support and counsel of dozens of leading physicians and scientists.

Miller, and his wife of 33 years  have two grown daughters.  They live with their dogs and chickens on an Island in Puget Sound – near Seattle.   He can be found most weekends tending to his organic garden.