Clean Energy Advisors (CEA) provides asset management and financial advisory services to Impact Investors in the Sustainable Energy sector. CEA is focused on creating opportunities for investors to participate in the exceptional returns and positive social and environmental impact provided by Renewable Energy projects. We are dedicated to providing our clients access to financially rewarding investments while maintaining a primary focus on capital preservation. CEA is led by a group of financial industry executives with a passion for the environment and the social well-being of our planet. Having identified access to capital as the major hurdle slowing the advancement of renewable energy projects, the CEA team found a way to solve that problem by aggregating smaller projects to attract the attention of accredited investors, UHNW, family office, and institutional investors.

Pirelli & C. SpA, founded in 1872, is the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world in terms of sales. Present in over 160 countries, Pirelli has 22 manufacturing sites and employs approximately 38,000 people around the world. Pirelli is recognized as a socially aware corporation that applies sustainable practices in everything from “green performance” products to providing a healthy environment for its workers and their families. The company has maintained leadership positions over many years in sustainable stock indexes such as the FTSE 4 Good Global and European STOXX sustainability index and the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indexes. Pirelli is the only tire manufacturer to be included in the Global Compact 100 sustainability stock index.

GoodCompany Ventures is developing a new program, Climate Ventures 2.0, in collaboration with the White House’s Climate Data Initiative. As announced by the White House in December 2014, Climate Ventures 2.0 will engage entrepreneurs to apply the scientific and technical resources of the Climate Data Initiative to global threats at the nexus of water and food security. Since the launch of GCV’s first accelerator program to serve high impact social entrepreneurs movement in 2009, GCV has earned a reputation as the “graduate school” for social entrepreneurs and its graduates have raised over $50mm in private capital to fuel their social missions. Compared to funds invested in our programming, this represents a return of over 700x to our donors. As a GCV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, GCV has developed services for social entrepreneurs and the impact investors who fund them with support from Halloran Philanthropies, the Knight Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, Investors’ Circle and the Kind Foundation.

RBC Global Asset Management is an asset manager with global scope and broad‐based management capabilities. With over $275 billion in AUM*, our capabilities include global credit, global equities, alternatives, capacity constrained equities, liquidity management and impact investing. Our Access Capital Strategy is a fixed income impact investing strategy with a 15 year track record. The strategy focuses on serving low to moderate income communities and combines investment
performance with a mission‐aligned impact allowing investors to geographically target their communities. Securities are high quality and extremely liquid, allowing investors to make an impact on their community while maintaining access to their investment.

Sagegreenlife is dedicated to building a better quality of life through living design. Our company designs, manufactures and installs living green walls that can be scaled for any size project, as well as interior design products that rethink the way people engage with nature. Utilizing patented hydroponic technology, we are committed to designing healthy, sustainable and aesthetically captivating spaces. With versatile design capabilities, we are at the forefront of sustainable design.

The CAIA Association, a non-profit organization founded in 2002, is the world leader and authority in alternative investment education. The Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate Program® is a natural extension of CAIA’s mission to provide solutions to specific market needs for alternative investment education. The CAIA Association is best known for the CAIA Charter®, an internationally recognized credential granted upon successful completion of a rigorous two-level exam series, combined with relevant work experience. Earning the CAIA Charter is the gateway to becoming a member of the CAIA Association, a global network of 7,700 alternative investment leaders located in 80+ countries, who have demonstrated a deep and thorough understanding of alternative investing. Having grown rapidly, the CAIA Association now supports vibrant chapters located in financial centers around the world and sponsors more than 120 educational and networking events each year.

Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) is a vibrant community of 200+ individuals and families who have joined together to learn about effective giving and pool their resources to invest in innovative nonprofits and social enterprises

Founded in 1958, Hanson Bridgett has more than 150 attorneys located in offices in San Francisco, the North Bay, Sacramento and the East Bay. Hanson Bridgett’s attorneys know that successful businesses and capital markets are a powerful, positive force in the community and make a favorable contribution to society. The firm’s client base has always included organizations that are not only the best in the world but also the best for the world, so we recognized long ago that mission-driven capitalists needed legal advice for designing and incorporating their sustainable enterprises, and structuring their investments to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. We represent sustainable businesses and impact investors in a variety of industries, including venture capital and private equity, financial services, retail, software, advertising, media, entertainment, biotech, medical devices, solar energy, construction (including green building), food, senior care, and education. Our firm is at the forefront of the growing trend to maximize both financial and social potential. Partner Jonathan Storper co-authored the change to the California Corporations Code that created the Benefit Corporation business entity in 2011. Jonathan also consulted with the state of Delaware, which added its public benefit corporation statute to the Delaware General Corporation Law 18 months later. Hanson Bridgett is a proud founding member of B Labs, the nonprofit that offers B Corporation certification, and the first law firm to become a certified B Corporation. Hanson Bridgett continues to be one of the few firms nationwide with an in-depth knowledge of impact investment structures, benefit corporation practices and law; we are both thought leaders and practice leaders in this realm.

FigBytes is a next-generation sustainability/CSR software product that acts as Corporate GPS for the 21st Century(TM). FigBytes helps companies, cities and other oganisations to future-proof their business plans and brands by connecting a forward-looking roadmap towards their desired better future to the social, environmental and economic data that show if they are on track. Data headaches vanish and beautiful, data-driven representations of progress appear, replacing old-fashioned and seldom read “non-financial reports”, bringing the journey alive for all stakeholders, from the boardroom to customers.

Commune With Your Peers: A safe, private, curated environment where investors not only learn from experts, thought leaders and asset managers, but also from their peers. The private Family Office Insights investor community represents a wide spectrum of investment views and levels of investment knowledge. Family Office Insights community participants share a commitment to improving their understanding of the complexities of the financial landscape with their peers and seek to become more effective stewards of wealth.

Maxwell Drever and his Drever Capital Management (“DCM”)team have been value-add pioneers in impact investing, with over 40 years and $20 billion of experience in the redevelopment and construction of 170,000+ primarily workforce multifamily units. The firm is currently transitioning into serving workforce retirees, with seven senior housing communities to date.  In line with his counter-cyclical investment strategy, Mr. Drever’s former company, Drever Partners, was one of the earliest and largest buyers of multifamily housing during the RTC cycle, eventually acquiring over 18,000 units under management. The Drever team  today is redeveloping the iconic, 1.5 million SF, former First National Bank of Dallas into a mixed-use project, with multifamily units, award winning Thompson hotel, refined restaurants, and 130,000 SF of leisure amenities. The firm seeks to protect, preserve, and responsibly grow capital with above market returns that have averaged 20% IRR for past 25 years.  DCM’s dedication to generating strong triple-bottom-line returns includes strong, risk-adjusted market rate returns, a commitment to environmental sustainability, social equity, and good corporate citizenship.

Founded in 2002, Compass Natural is an integrated brand marketing, communications, public relations and business development agency dedicated to serving companies in the $300-billion Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market. Based in Boulder, Colorado, considered a center of the natural, organic and green products industry, Compass Natural can quickly link your business and share your story with key trade, media, and consumer resources and contacts. We’ll also help you navigate the channels of distribution in the natural, organic and sustainable products industry to help grow brand awareness and sales.

The Technology Salon is a global network of professionals who share a common passion for expanding the role of ICT in empowering development. Through regular discussions on relevant topics, we are improving our knowledge and expertise in the ICT4D field, networking across sectors and domains, and moving beyond talk, and into action.

Visionary is a by-invitation-only arranged meeting network. Officially approved Members opt-in (no fee) to receive relevant meetings opportunities, and benefits for network value creation. Members are offered Business Development as a Service (BDaaS), including on-demand supported access to investors, clients, strategic partners, experts, and public figures that have also opted-in. Who are you seeking? Discover who is seeking you… Take the Access Survey.

2017 Member Benefits include:
Notifications of relevant meeting opportunities
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Privilege to nominate others to join, credited via Referral Exchange
Complementary and discount access to leading events, products, and services

We are building the necessary ecosystem that enables large public and private employers to transition away from the death spiral of ineffective and expensive healthcare services. Our offering has two components: (1) a specialized network of clinicians who are experts in applying systems thinking to clinical medicine e.g., they practice Integrative Medicine (IM) and (2) a technology Platform that enables us to document the patient care protocols and patient outcomes generated by those IM experts. The data is then put through a proprietary analytical engine to assess the relationship between the quality of patient outcomes and the most efficient allocation of the employer’s healthcare capital. Our Solution is best applied to that cohort of patients who suffer from multiple chronic diseases. These patients typically represent 5% of the covered population but account for 50% of total employer healthcare expenditures.  Implementation of our solution will save employers a durable ~30%-50% from current chronic care expenditures.

Many would call this sensible. In healthcare it is transformative.

From a finance perspective, one could call Nura’s Platform the first to drive Economic Value Added (EVA) into healthcare capital. It represents $54 million of sunken development costs and includes proprietary population health-centric software and a unique IM-centric clinical procedure code lexicon.  Its use enables Nura’s IM clinical Network to accelerate learning by embedding a continuous process improvement loop in its design that constantly drives efficiency into an employer’s healthcare capital allocation. When fully deployed, we expect to cut the healthcare innovation cycle time from 17 years (IOM assessment) to 17 months.

Our first customer is the United States Air Force.

GoSun is a young company comprised of designers, engineers, and change-makers, intent on serving the world with unparalleled green cooking solutions. We’re passionate about our products and how they power our customers’ lives. Founded in a small suburban garage, we grew quickly thank’s our community of committed customers, who no only believe in our products, but also use them to bring people together.

At GoSun, we’re big believers in nourishing the good things in life and helping others do the same.

Shareable is an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation.

What’s the sharing transformation? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address.

Behind these failing industrial-age institutions are outmoded beliefs about how the world works – that ordinary people can’t govern themselves directly; that nonstop economic growth leads to widespread prosperity; and that more stuff leads to more happiness.

We at Shareable can say this because we’ve experienced the sharing transformation ourselves. We are sharers. We’ve told the stories of sharers to millions of people from all over the world since 2009. We’ve seen this transformation time and again in people from all walks of life. It’s why we do what we do. It’s why we believe the sharing transformation is unstoppable.

So join us. Millions of people are already winning in life by working together.