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Next Event:
Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Schedule (All Times EST)

  • 11:00am-12:00pm: (Pre-event) Cyber Coffee, BizPow & Fellowship
  • 12:00pm: Official Start: Welcome to The ŌmZone // Opening Keynote
  • 12:30pm-2:00pm: Activity Breakout Sessions // Personal Sustainable Growth Sessions & Deep Dive Networking
  • 2:00pm-2:45pm: Tribe Gathering // Dialogue with Keynote Speakers
  • 2:45pm-3:20pm: Small Room Networking, BizPow & Fellowship/Closing

What is The ŌmZone?

The ŌmZone is a community of global impact achievers focused on realizing personal sustainable growth, community and harmony (translating into business & professional growth)


2020 Program (Remaining dates

– Saturday, September 26th (OmZone)

– Tuesday, November 3rd
(Boost* + Election Eve Party**)

– Wednesday, December 9th (Boost*)

– Saturday, October 24th (OmZone)

– Saturday, November 21st (OmZone)

– Saturday, December 19th (OmZone)

* BOOST is our mid-week, goals accelerator program for OmZone subscribers.
** Details on Election Eve Party to be Announced Shortly.

Partial list of August & September headliners:

Parneet Pal

Parneet Pal

Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, Inc

” The Science of Well-Being at Work “
Dr. Chris Wedding

Dr. Chris Wedding

Duke University / IronOak Energy Capital

“Entrepreneurs for Impact”

Kelly Larson

Kelly Larson


Yoga teacher and
Space CEO
“The Yoga of Leadership”

 Jeff Gitterman

Jeff Gitterman

Gitterman Wealth Management

” The Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change”

Dr. Toni Warner

Dr. Toni Warner

Dr. Toni Coaches, LLC

“How to Use the Brain to Cultivate Calm”

Shereen Eltobgy

Shereen Eltobgy

DH (Delivering Happiness)

“WHY Happiness? WHY Now?”

Breakout Sessions Include:

  • Saturday Morning Dance Party (Let’s Get Moving!)
  • Mindfulness/Attention/Calm/Focus Sessions
  • Top Yoga Instruction & Leadership (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Spirituality & Investing
  • HIIT & Fitness (Advanced Level)
  • Focus on Health, Wellness & Fitness (Conversational Only)
  • Work/Life Relationship Balance
  • Sustainability on a Budget (Tips & Actions)
  • Business & Investor Networking (BizPow)
  • Goals & Accountability Sessions


Registration Options

** 4 Month Pass: Special $79 Price // One Day, One Event Pass: $21 ** (Both Until Fri. August 21st)

  • 2 Complimentary One-Day Passes for Colleagues*
  • $50 Discount Toward Any 2020 Sustainatopia Virtual Conference**
  • Potential for 1 Time Speaking in Breakout Session or Keynote Speaking***
  • 2 Special Mid-Week BOOST Sessions
  • Election Eve Party Extravaganza!
  • Special PSG Goals Design Session
  • Special $79 Credit Towards 6 Month or 1 Year Package for OmZone 2021

* Must Not Have Attended Before

** Full Discount or a Regular Conference Pricing Only

*** Determination Made By OmZone Content review Team

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